About Us

The Heritage Homes Orphanage is a Not-For-Profit Non-Governmental Organization founded in 2002 by Pastor Ituah Ighodalo, with the primary purpose of saving the lives of orphaned and abandoned children in our society. We started formal operations in November, 2006.
Since its inception, Heritage Homes has rescued and housed over 200 Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC). Many of these children have been re-integrated into the society through adoption while some have reconciled with their biological families through home tracing with the support of Lagos State Ministry of Youth & Social Development.

Our vision

To see a Nigeria where Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVC)
enjoy the necessities of life and their full rights.

Our pledge

We pledge to consider the best interest of the children in the Home in taking any decision
or formulating our policies and procedures.

Our Mission

• Set high standards in child welfare and eradicate poverty.

• Encourage Adoption and Fostering.

• Provide a model transit home for OVC prior to being adopted or fostered.

• Ensure every child in our care fulfils their God given potential

• To save the lives of as many abandoned, orphaned and abused children as possible