Adoption is the word used, when an unrelated person takes up the care and parental responsibility of a child that can no longer live with his or her birth parents or extended family members..

To adopt means that you have made a decision to become the child’s parents and take on the care and responsibilities for that child until he/she becomes an adult.

Our Homes have the capacity to care for 60 children.

We are between 0-17 years old.

We work in partnership with the government and the Judiciary   to process their transition into the society

All Children that qualify for our care are brought to us by the Ministry of Youths and Social Development.

They General public, the Nigerian Police or Office of the Public Defender (OPD) notify the Ministry of an abandoned, found, neglected or abused child.

We cater for all vulnerable, abused, neglected, abandoned Children.

Anyone, who has been assessed and approved as prospective adopter by the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Social Development, Alausa Ikeja. You may be married or a single female with no children, or with a child or children and wish to extend your family through adoption.

To be approved means that you have been assessed by the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Social Development, Alausa, Ikeja and found to be a suitable person to care for the child.

It can take between 6-9 months before you can become an approved adopter. The government wants to be sure of your suitability and commitment before you are approved to adopt children.

No, the child is just placed. He will have to live with you for three months while his progress is monitored. When the social worker is placed with his progress and you also feel ready to take on the long-term commitment of caring for him you will be advised to put your application into court, and it is only after the court’s approval that the child will become legally adopted.

The adopter will be attended to by the court with the child. The judge will read the social worker’s reports on the child and how he settled in with you. The judge will check that you know what is expected of you, if satisfied, you will be granted an adoption order and the child legally becomes yours forever.

Yes, you have become his only recognized parent(s). His surname is changed to yours and he/she gets a new birth certificate naming you as parent(s). From that day on you have the same claim on the child as any other parent and we are hopeful that you would be there for the child throughout his/her childhood and beyond.

No, single women can adopt but you will be vetted to confirm that you have the skill and supportive network needed to care for a child. You will be required to present a male role model for the child. This must be a committed matured family member that is willing to support you with the child.

No, your husband will have to be assessed and his name included in your report. You would both have to go back to the court and re-adopt the child

No, but as you know a lot of energy and time is needed to care for babies. The Heritage Homes will advise prospective parents about forty-five years to adopt toddlers or older children. They can be rewarding as babies to care for. We would advise you on the most suitable age having taken into consideration your own age and supportive network.

Yes, but this will depend on an assessment of you and your supportive network. We will obviously want to place twins and sibling together where possible, it is advisable that you express to the approving authority so it can be addressed in your assessment.

Yes, as soon as he or she is legally adopted you are free to take the child out of the country to live with you anywhere in the world. Remember as stated above you now have the same rights as other parents.

Yes, couples will have to be assessed together and it has to be a joint decision because raising a child(ren) in a relationship requires the commitment of both parents. It would be impossible if one parent does not wish to be involved; the placement would be at risk of breaking down and the child would become abandoned for the second time. You must agree that this cannot be in the child’s best interest.

It is not in a child’s best interest to have to live within a family where is not wanted. Your family members must be willing to accept your child because it would be impossible to raise your child in isolation. Grandparents, uncles and aunts must be willing to play their roles. Make sure you involve your immediate family members on both sides in your adoption plan. Remember that no one is an island; they can make or break the placement.

No, but you have to have a steady income, secure an adequate tenancy or your own home that is suitable for raising a child in. This will be considered in your assessment.

You would need time to adjust to becoming a parent so we advise that a natural gap of two years after your first adoption is reasonable. Please note that you would have to repeat the adoption process but obviously it would not take as long.

The Heritage Home understands the sensitivity surrounding the issues of adoption and the need for confidentiality. Everyone involved in the adoption process in the Heritage Homes are mature, God fearing people who have proven themselves over the years in society. They have also brought with them life experiences that can impact positively on the adoption process.

Nothing. We at the Heritages Homes believe that children are a free gift from God and we are all just custodians of His precious gifts. Therefore, there are no fees or hidden costs.

No, they are not given any details of adopters or any information that would identify the new parents of the child. Once a child is formally adopted, the birth parents lose all right to the child. All children adopted through the Heritage Homes are placed there with the full knowledge of the law. Adequate time is given for families to reclaim a child. It is only when this fails that the child is considered for adoption.

No, once a child is formally adopted through the court the adopters are the only recognized parents. The birth parents lose their parental rights over the child and adopter’s rights to rights to the child can never be revoked.

The Heritage Homes offers counseling on care and adoption issues to prospective adopters before a child is placed. We are also willing to give ongoing support to you and your family at whatever stage you need or want it.

Please direct any further questions to The Heritage Homes.

You can call our secretariat on telephone number 07031974764